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2PM are a recently debuted 7-piece boy band, created by the famous producer Park Jin Young. Their first single 10jeom manjeom 10jeom was successful even though the video caused controversy as it showed the members' cheeky thoughts about girls.
autor: Katy & Ayuki - traducción: Goomy (2009-09-15)
  • Cantante, Rapero(a): Park JaeBeom [2008 / 2009 - Abandonó]
Before their debut, the 2PM members were already famous and fancafe's were created for them. The cause was mnet's reality show "Yeolhyeollama" (or as it's known by international fans, "Hot Blood"), where the future members of 2PM together with the future members of 2AM underwent intensive training before being chosen for the groups. In the first episode, the 13 guys were sent to what they believed would be a vacation, which resulted in the hardest time of their training. Among other things, the members had to do exercises with army officers and learn traditional Korean singing. On March 14th, on the seventh episode of "Hot Blood," the final members were announced.

The group was then made up of Jang WooYoung, Lee JunHo, Ok TaekJeon, Kim Junsu, Park JaeBeom, Hwang Chansung and Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (who is half Thai, half Chinese and born in the USA. JaeBeom was also born in the USA.) Hwang Chansung had already starred in the sitcom "High Hick" and SBS "Super Star Survival" together with Nichkhun and TaekJeon.

But it wasn't until September 4th that 2PM debuted on M!Countdown. JYP announced that since they were the first boy band since g.o.d. to be under his management, he would put special effort into making 2PM unique and successful. Their first mini-album, Hottest Time Of The Day, was released shortly after their debut performance, on September 9th. The single 10jeom Manjeom 10jeom (or as it's known by international fans, 10 Poits Out Of 10) is a catchy hip hop and urban influenced dance track, praising women from a guy's point of view. The video caused controversy due to its explicit content concerning thoughts that men have about women, but it also displayed the dancing and acrobatic talent of the 7 members.

On September 18th, 2PM performed together with their counterpart 2AM for the first time on Mnet's M!Countdown. In December of the same year, the band released the digital single Only You, which was a “winter special” (in the East, artists tend to release songs that relate to the season they’re in).

After the promotions of Only You, 2PM would return to the stage with Again & Again. The track is part of the mini-album 2:00PM Time For Change, released on April 23rd, 2009, and the comeback stage was on the same day as the release, on “M!COUNTDOWN." With Again & Again, the band gained even more fans and various prizes. They presented the song for around two months and, soon after, in June, they began promoting another great success from the same mini-album: I Hate You.

In June, the band’s first album was released: 2PM Thailand Special Edition. The album is a compilation of the band’s greatest successes and was released with a gift for the Thai fans. The band was in Thailand to promote the album and carried on promoting I Hate You in Korea, ending the promotion in August, when they met fans of the band for the first time. But, even after they stopped presenting onstage, they didn’t stop working and starred in a reality show called “Wild Bunny.” Initially, the program was meant to be a sitcom, in which the members would interpret people with strong and different personalities. For example, ChanSung would be a handsome student and JunSu would have a crazy personality and speak with objects, but the idea didn’t work out.

2PM was part of the “2009 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards” with a special stage that included Again & Again and I Hate You and a special performance with the singer Park SooJin, and they took home a number of prizes, such as the “HOT PERFORMANCE STAR."

The band’s comeback is expected for October, 2009.
autor: Katy & Ayuki - traducción: Goomy (2009-09-15)