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U-KISS is a seven-member Korean boy band represented by NH Media, debuting in 2008. Their name is an acronym of ‘Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star’, which points out the aim of the band – to be popular everywhere, including overseas. The band has adapted the ‘bad boy’ image since their beginning and combined it with their self-made music which is a mixture of pop, dance and electro, sometimes with rap elements.
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  • Cantante: Alexander [2008 / 2011 - Abandonó]
  • Cantante: Ki Bum [2008 / 2011 - Abandonó]
  • Cantante: Dong Ho [2008 / 2013 - Abandonó]
U-KISS debuted with as a six-member group on August 15th, 2008, during Power of Atamix. The members included Dongho, two former members of Xing: Kibum, who left Xing in 2007, and American-born Kevin, who left the band 4 months prior to their debut; the three remaining members were: Soo Hyun, Alexander who is from Macau, and Eli, who came from the USA.

U-KISS released their first mini-album N-Generation on September 5th, 2008 and promoted the song Not Young on their stage debut on Mnet’s M! Countdown show. In September they also participated in two self-promoting shows: ‘All About U-KISS’ and ‘You Know U-KISS’, however due to their small fan base the shows failed to attract the attention of many viewers.

The year 2009 started with the release of their second mini-album Bring It Back 2 Old School which hit stores on February 11th. The title song I Like You however failed to attract much attention.

Success came with the release of their third mini-album. Conti Ukiss was released on November 5th, and introduced an image change for the band into more manly, which was visible in the music video for Man Man Hani. The band promoted this song already as a seven-member band, with a new member Kiseop.

Apart from performing Man Man Hani on various music shows, U-KISS participated in various other television shows trying to promote the band as much as possible.

The band’s first fan club, KissMe, was established in 2010, two years after the group’s debut. A month later, on February 3rd, they released their first studio album, Only One. First, the song Bingeul Bingeul was chosen for the album’s promotions and then Mworago (What).
After the release of their album, U-KISS held a tour visiting Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. Once it was over, the group was a guest starring Rain’s concert which took place on September 11th in the Philippines.

On October 4th of the same year, U-KISS released their fourth album. It was titled Break Time, and Shut Up!! was chosen as the single promoting it. Two music videos of the song appeared on the same day – one of them was censored, even though the other, full version raised no controversies.

In November U-KISS performed at 2010 Seoul Tokyo Music Festival, which took place in Saitama Super Arena.

In early 2011 it was announced that U-KISS would be ma king their US debut and the band reportedly recorded 100 tracks to choose from for the debut release. However the plans were cancelled when on February 2011 members Alexander and Kibum announced they would be departing the group. Their place was taken by Kim Jae Seop, known as AJ and Yeo Hoon Min known as Hoon.

With two new members, U-KISS returned on March 30th with their new album Bran New Kiss and achieved overnight success placing first on many online music charts. The band began promotion activities for the new release and participated in a few Korean and overseas events. On July 13th U-KISS was one of 15 k-pop artists to participate at a live event at the Tokyo Dome entitled “K-POP FESTIVAL: MUSIC BANK in TOKYO”. On July 15th they performed at the ‘Korean Music Wave 2011’ which was held in Singapore.

The band also started preparing for their Japanese debut. On December 10th, 2010, they released a full Japanese album called First Kiss which was a compilation of all their songs from their debut album up until the Break Time album. They also participated in many Japanese shows and gave interviews to the local media.

U-KISS returned to Korea and released their second full-length album Neverland on August 25th. Promotions for the album took place in many Asian countries, such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. The success they achieved was visible when they won the ‘BEST MALE’ award at ‘2011 SBS MTV Best of the Best Awards’.

On May 2011, U-KISS signed a contract with Avex Japan for their Japanese debut. The Japanese, licensed version of Bran New Kiss was released on August 24th, 2011, while the group's first Japanese album Tick Tack hit stores on December 14th. Their achieved great success in Japan by attracting huge numbers of fans for their fan meetings and concerts as well as placing high on Oricon charts.

The group released their second Japanese single on February 15th, 2012.
autor: Rukke + milith - traducción: milith (2012-08-05)