Baby V.O.X. Re.V

베이비복스 리브

major - Disuelta (2007 - 2008)
Formed from the ashes of Baby V.O.X., Baby V.O.X. Re.V are one of the premier girl groups in Korea at the moment. Their music is a mixture of dance and urban and has proven to be popular in other parts of Asia such as Korea and Thailand.
autor: sianface (2007-04-21)
Baby V.O.X. Re.v were formed from the ashes of one of the most popular Korean girl groups, namely Baby V.O.X.. After the disbandment of their predecessor, DR Music decided they needed a new group to continue where Baby V.O.X. had left off.

Their name stands for Baby Voice of Xpression Renaissance Voice, implying that they are an updated version of the original group but the emphasis is still strongly on their voices. Despite that, the group has a sexy image in videos and photo shoots.

The group trained for 3 years before their debut after being selected from thousands of young hopefuls. The plan was for the band to concentrate primarily on overseas activities, with successful debuts in China, Thailand and Vietnam taking place in January of 2007.

Their debut album was released early in 2007 to mixed reactions from the original Baby V.O.X.’s fans and the media. Fans were shocked to see that several of Baby V.O.X.’s songs, including Killer and Get Up had been reworked by the new group. The lead single from this album, Shee, was met with surprise when it debuted on KBS. The video features provocative dancing from all members of the group and was banned from being shown on TV because of this.

The band was given positive publicity in March 2007 after they donated all of the money they made from their tour in Korea to an orphanage in Cambodia.
autor: sianface (2007-04-21)