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SS501 are a boyband who combine pop and R&B elements in their songs. In songs such as Fighter there is even a rock edge. It is this variety within their music which has gained them a place as one of the most loved boybands in Korea.

More recently the band has taken a hiatus from their Korean activities to concentrate on expanding their fanbase into Japan as well.
autor: sianface (2007-07-18)
The boyband SS501 formed in 2005 by several auditions and through their management agencies scouts. As with most manufactured Korean groups, the members were trained up in order to be able to perform together as a group. The members initially trained as singers and dancers for the groups debut, but since then the group has also had training in other fields such as acting or producing.

Kim Hyungjoon was chosen first, so received the most amount of official training while he waited for his fellow members to be picked. Kim Hyunjoong was chosen next, hand picked by the casting director himself. Kim Kyujong was chosen through a round of auditions along with Park Jungmin, who had worked previously as a VJ. Huh Youngsaeng was last to be chosen. He was discovered after a friend of his suggested that he go for an audition.

The group's name stands for "Star Singers five becoming one". The first 'S' stands for "star" the second stands for "singer" and the 5, 0 and 1 symbolises the five members of the group coming together as one entity. The name is supposed to represent the singers coming together as a group to become stars in their own right.

The band debuted in 2005 with the up tempo single Warning, which was followed by the ballad Never Again which launched the group into the top 10. These songs and another hit, Everything, were featured on a five track mini album. The group were incredibly successful and picked up many of the top Korean music awards for that year, an amazing feat considering the nature of their release that year.

To follow on from this success, the group returned in January 2006 with another five track mini-album entitled Snow Prince. The title track from this album became the group's first number one single and the second single, Fighter saw the group go top 5.

Later in the same year saw the release of the group's full length debut. S.T 01 Now had high expectations due to the amount of training that went into improving the member's voices and styles so it was a shock when the lead single from this album, Unlock, failed to make a huge impression on the charts. Despite this, the band carried on and the second single, Four Chance, gave the group another number one and secured their place in the Korean music scene.

In 2007, SS501 headed to Japan to part take in promotional activities. The group released 6 versions of their single Kokoro, 5 limited edition versions, featuring a new song by each member of the group and a picture of that member on the cover, and a regular version. The group also released a live DVD simply called Live In Japan 2007 which includes footage from their concert in Osaka.
autor: sianface (2007-07-18)