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major - aktiivinen (2010 - )
Narsha is an electro-pop artist who is best known as one of the members of the hugely successful girl group Brown Eyed Girls. She debuted a solo artist in mid-2010.
kirjoittaja: sianface + milith (2011-08-19)
Narsha, which means ‘to fly’ in Korean, debuted in 2006 as a member of a popular girl band Brown Eyed Girls after her current bandmate, Jae, suggested it. The singer started her solo career in 2010. Her first digital single I’m In Love was released in July 2010 and was a teaser of the sound that she would present on her album.

Narsha’s first mini-album, entitled simply Narsha, had seven songs and hit the stores in July 2010.
kirjoittaja: sianface + milith (2011-08-19)