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Jang Ki-ha and Faces

indies - aktiivinen (2008 - )
Jang Ki-Ha & Faces is a Korean indie band that grabbed the nation with their unique song and performance on Korea's music TV program. Their folk rock genre with witty, humane lyrics combined with out of this world dance routines by Mi-mi sisters became a big hit right away. Mi-mi sisters are one of the key elements for the popularity they have now as the two girls always wear matching costumes accompanied by sunglasses to hide their identities. Jang Ki-ha always talks for them as the sisters are 'too shy' to talk in front of cameras, and throughout the performance they remain emotionless. After the show was aired, they were You-tubed and googled enormously, becoming one of the most searched issues in most Korean portal sites, and music programs were desperate to scout them. Today, every South Korean youth knows about them.
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