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indies - Activo (2005 - )
PATiENTS was formed back in 2005 as a punk rock quartet and passed many changes over the years. The sound, now a "hybrid punk" due to a little addition of new wave and pop, is getting well-known overseas. The band is really strong in the Korean punk scene and has performed alongside heavy names such as Rux and Suck Stuff.

With its new formation consisting of Sumin Jo on bass and vocals, Jaehyuk Lee on drums and Hyuckjang Kwon on keyboards, PATiENTS keep evolving and creating even more interesting sounds.
autor: sianface, Shin (2014-05-05)
PATiENTS are currently a 3 member punk band made up of Sumin Jo on vocals and bass,Hyuckjang Kwon on keyboards and vocals and Jaehyuk Lee on drums. The band's first major appearances took place in May 2005 with a performance at Club Hong and at the 77 PUNK ROCK FESTIVAL as well as numerous other performances. These were well received and they went into the studio and began recording their music for the fans they had accumulated.

Their first recordings emerged in April 2006 on the Skunk Label compilation Strike! Strike! Strike!. Three of their songs were featured on the compilation: Gaemokkeori chaja, Oneuri ganda and Bamye urineun. This lead to the band gaining more attention from Skunk Label, who allowed them to record their first single.

In November of that year the group released their debut single Hanging Revolution, which came with a launch show at Skunk Hell alongside Shorty Cat and Suck Stuff. The single was a success within the punk community and allowed them to perform more shows in punk clubs around Korea.

In 2007, the band parted ways with their vocalist due to disputes between him and the rest of the band concerning his attitude towards performing. Rather than finding a new member to replace him, bassist Sumin Jo stepped into the vocal position. In September, the band released their second single ALL THE PATiENTS LET'S GO with another launch show at Skunk Hell, this time alongside Rux, Shorty Cat and Cockrasher. The next year saw the first international gig from PATiENTS in the 2008 Japan/Korea Oi! Punk Festival in Nakano, Japan.

The band created their own indie label, Steel Face Records, in 2010 in order to release their music and also the music from other artists with the same mind. Kitsch Space full length was released in 2011 and marked a little change in their style, their punk rock cuts with bits of new wave and pop leading them to a "hybrid punk". The release granted the band a place at the final of Hello Rockie competition in November 2011. PATiENTS was also invited to play at Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival in the next summer.

In 2012 the guitarrist Junmyoung Baek left the band and PATiENTS saw a chance to face music in a different direction by inviting the keyboardist Hyuckjang Kown to join the band in 2013. Kwon's skills added dynamic to the band continually evolving their "hybrid punk" sound.

Recently PATiENTS recorded Let's Drive, Let's Go through their label Steel Face Records. The release with four songs will be showcase in their UK tour in May.

You can be updated in PATiENTS by following their Official Facebook Page
autor: sianface, Shin (2014-05-05)