ook bekend als:   Lunafly  
major - actief (2012 - )
LUNAFLY is a well-known south korean trio of talented musicians and with a sound that mixtures pop-rock and eletronic. The group is composed by the singers and composers Sam (leader, guitarrist and violinist), Teo (pianist, bassist, percussionist and drummer) and the youngest member Yun (guitarrist and drummer).

The trio first release was back in 2012; the English track Super Hero was released worldwide through iTunes on September 6th. However their officially Korean debut only came on September 27th with the single How Nice Would It Be.
  • zang, gitaar,: Sam
  • zang, gitaar, drums: Yun
  • gitaar: Yub
  • drums: Jin
  • zang, keyboard, bas: Teo [2012 / 2015 - weg]
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