MC Mong

MC 몽

major - Activo (2004 - )
MC Mong, is one of South Korea's most well known Hip Hop stars. First entering the entertainment world in 1998 as a member of People Crew, he debuted as a solo artist in 2003.

Known for his gag-man like personality, he bridges the rift between k-pop and hip hop by collaborating with popular k-pop artists such as Ivy and Brown Eyed Girls. He has gained massive popularity due to not only his music, but through television appearances as well, most notably MBC's sitcom Non-stop 4.
autor: KiKi (2008-08-09)
MC Mong, the stage name for Shin Dong Hyun, had been interested in the entertainment business from a young age. Although his first interest was dance, influenced by the likes of Seotaiji and Boys, he was slowly introduced to rap through a High School friend. As his interest in hip hop began to grow in abundance, reaching the point that he'd memorise all the English hip hop songs he came across, he decided to apply to several entertainment agencies with his friends, against the advice of his parents. In late 1998, he was finally called back to be in the boy band People Crew. The hard work began the very next day with recording sessions and shooting a music video. With this, Shin Dong Hyun had his very taste of the Korean music business.

After 6 years in People Crew, in 2004 MC Mong decided to go solo with the album 180 Degree. Having acted in the extremely popular "Non-stop 4" in 2003-2004, his debut solo album was already geared up to do well in sales, and with two top ten hits coming from it, his popularity was confirmed.

With the success of his first album under his belt, in 2005 he decided to return to acting with the drama Sad Love Song, in which he co-starred with popular Hallyu star Kwon Sang Woo. However the drama did not do as well as expected with supringly low ratings. Although this was an initial knock down for MC Mong, later in the year he released his second album His Story, which contained his first number one single I Love U, Oh Thank U featuring Kim Tae Woo from G.O.D.

MC Mong's 3rd album The Way I am released, in 2006, was a huge success with the title track Ice Cream, one of his most noted songs, making it to number two on the charts. He is also famous for his collaborations with different artists. For his third album, as well as working with such famous names as Ivy and Park Hyo Shin, he flew all the way to Japan to record the follow up of A Letter to you featuring Lynn, with M-Flo's recurring vocalist Lisa.

To date, he has 3 incredibly popular albums under his belt, although it's unknown when his 4th album will come out, he is still collaborating with artists. Most recently he released a digital single with Kim Tae Woo; So Fresh. This won the "song of the Month" at the Digital Music Awards in South Korea, showing his popularity is still going strong.
autor: KiKi (2008-08-09)