Motion Dive


indies - Activo (2002 - )
Motion Dive is an indie rock band located Los Angeles, USA. As a Korean band in the States they're taking heavy influences from both music scenes: America and South Korea, still aiming on Korea. Yet their dream is to play alongside artists like The Used, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars and Seo Taiji.

Current line-up consist Ich (drums), Woomin (lead guitar), Iru (second guitar) and Wonki (vocals).
autor: Domie (2008-02-05)
  • Cantante: Jin [0000 / 0000 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: Kore [0000 / 0000 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: Kenta [0000 / 0000 - Abandonó]
  • Guitarra: Sang [0000 / 0000 - Abandonó]
Originally, Motion Dive was formed in 2002 under the name of [bri:z] the line-up consisting of Ich (drums), Sang (guitar), Kore (bass) and Jin (vocals). The line up changed until it consisted of Ich (drums), Woomin (lead guitar), Iru (second guitar), Wonki (vocals) and Japanese bassist Kenta. After Kenta returned back to Japan also Woomin left the band and that's when [bri:z] truly broke up. Nevertheless Woomin returned. On his suggestion the band threw out their past, adapting the new name, Motion Dive, only keeping few songs which they re-arranged and released later. Originally their music had been heavily influenced by Japanese Visual Rock, now changing their style mixing nicely American Rock with Korean Pop.

On November 2007 they released their first digital single entitled Rising of the Motion Dive which included two songs. Soon after the release they were contacted by a game company which requested to use their songs on the game Freeze on Air. The song I Still... was featured in the game and also songs which Woomin wrote for them were featured.

Guitarist Woomin is also releasing his first solo DJ album which includes three songs. Keeping himself rather busy he also plays bass at Motion Dive's recording sessions. Therefore having no bassist mainly affects their playing on live shows. Woomin is also the one who composes music and writes English lyrics. Additionally Ich wrotes the Korean lyrics.

On January 2008 Motion Dive released their second digital single entitled In the key of life... featuring three songs. Without being signed onto a record label, the future doesn't seem too bright to these talented guys, but with correct attitude they have ambitious dream to play alongside acts like The Used, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars and Seo Taiji. Their third release is set to launch on March.
autor: Domie (2008-02-05)