KoME can display advertisements for you.

According to your needs, we offer different options: from a banner to a multi-language special event page, there are a wide range of choices that can be adapted to every budget. You have the possibility to target your campaign in a specific language or country.

To get more information about the details of our offers and rates, please e-mail us.

The following organisations have used our services in the past:
- Paradox (France)
- Japan Expo (France)
- No Sphere (France)
- Astan (Germany)
- Neo Tokyo (Germany)
- Free Will Europe (France)
- Mabell (France)
- Paris Visual Prod. (France)
- JrockSuomi (Finland)
- Raisondetre (Sweden)
- Lunacy (Sweden)
- Merveilles (Sweden)
- Ayacon (United Kingdom)
- Mangatec (France)
- Paperdoll (Italy)
- NekoSoft (Mexico)
- Gan-shin (Germany and France)
- JVstore (France)
- New Nippon Productions (Sweden)
- J-Music Distribution (France)
- J-Music Store (France)
- Rock Identity (Germany)
- Shine (France)
- Lilian's Lane (Austria)
- Purple Sky (U.S.A.)
- King Records (Japan)
- Jonu Media (Spain)
- BLOOD (Japan)
- Nanimato (France)
- Hagakure (Japan)
- Anti Feminism (Japan)
- Soundlicious (France)
- Rock One (France)