PSY - PSY Vol. 6 (Part 1)

review - 19.10.2012 04:15

In light of PSY signing to Universal Republic Records and the immense popularity of the Gangnam Style in the US, we take a look at PSY's latest release.

Released on July 19th, PSY Vol. 6 (Part 1) is PSY's latest installment. The mini-album includes six tracks and features collaborations from G-Dragon , LeeSsang and more. Fans can purchase it digitally through iTunes US.

The album opens with a rock number, Cheongaeguri, though it isn't entirely rock: the dance bass beat and simple drum beat turn the track into something new. Towards the last chorus, G-Dragon raps, and his voice matches well.

Tteugeoun Annyeong (feat. Sung Shi Kyung) follows immediately with an auto-tuned intro leading into a mild dance track with rapped vocals. Sung Shi Kyung's falsetto vocals add a softer touch to the song.

Next is the wildly popular Gangnam Style. The title of the track refers to the affluent district in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where wealthier Koreans reside and in particular, the women in the Gangnam area. Undeniably, Gangnam Style is very catchy and it’s easy to see why it is so popular. An alternative version, Oppan Ttak Nae Style features Hyuna who sings most of the song but still includes PSY's rapping throughout the verses.

The final track on PSY Vol. 6 (Part 1), NEVER SAY GOODBYE helps the mini-album end on a pleasant but energetic note. The track features vocals from Yoon Do Hyun, the sole member of YB (aka Yoon Band), and helps add a rockier edge to the track.

In the US, the popularity of Gangnam Style surged to unimaginable heights when US celebrities such as Katy Perry tweeted a link to the video. Views for Gangnam Style grew into the millions within days; many had made their own dance covers to the song including Big Bang’s own Seungri and Busan YeonJe Police Department’s dance cover, and many, many more.

PSY visited the US to meet with Justin Bieber’s manager who, after a few days of discussions and ‘hanging out’, signed PSY to his label, Schoolhouse Records. Earlier this week, PSY followed with an appearance at the MTV’s VMAs.

PSY also appeared on US talk show programs, VH1's Morning Buzz and The Ellen Show during his time in the US. When on Ellen, PSY surprised Britney Spears by appearing on stage, dancing to Gangnam Style. He then asked “By the way, can I introduce myself? Not just dancing?” before introducing himself with, “I’m PSY from Korea. How are you?” He then demonstrated the ‘horse dance’ to other guests, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell; Britney Spears managed to dance and later Ellen joined in as well. Apparently Spears had tweeted on August 29 about wanting to know the dance and she got a very pleasant surprise!

The view count for Gangnam Style now sits at the top most viewed video on YouTube with over 330 millions views and growing—a sure feat for a Korean artist. Perhaps this might be a way for the average American to be more open to K-pop and Korean culture, and help continue inspiring Korean artists to bring their talent to the US.

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the PV below. And if you’re game, try learning the dance! (The making of video is here.)

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