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Jaurim are one of the most popular female fronted rock groups in Korea. Their blend of rock with a psychedelic element has meant that they have attracted fans not only in Korea but also in other parts of Asia and the world. So much so that they were offered a joint concert with Irish band The Cranberries.

The four member line up has released 6 full length studio albums, a compilation and a covers album along with several side projects and solo works.
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line up
Hailing from Seoul, Jaurim, formerly known as The Ugly Duckling, started playing gigs in the underground Shinchon scene in 1997. It was late in 1997 that they changed their name to Jaurim, which is taken from three Chinese characters (紫, ja, meaning purple. 雨, u, meaning rain. And 林, rim, meaning forest) making the meaning Purple Rainy Forest, when they were signed to Nanjang Records.

The band formed when Lee Sun Kyu and Kim Jin Man were playing in bands around the Hongik University in Seoul. They met Kim Yuna and Goo Tae Hoon while playing in a band called CCR and went on to form Ugly Duckling

The song that first brought them to the attention of the mainstream market was Hey, Hey, Hey, which was featured on the soundtrack for the Korean drama The Man with a Flower. It was this song that lead to them getting signed to a major label shortly before the release of their first album Purple Heart, which was met with critical acclaim.

In 1998, Jaurim made a comeback with their second album entitled Lover, which featured the well received song Mi An Hae Neol Mi War Hae (sometimes known as 'Sorry, I hate you') and an album with remakes of some of their songs along with some new material. The release of their album Lover, was met with some controversy as 9 out of the 14 tracks were banned from Korean radio.

In 2002, the band officially disbanded due to issues with singer Kim Yuna being regarded as the shining star of the group. Despite this the group re-united in 2004 with the release of their 5th full length album, All You Need Is Love and the hit song Ha Ha Ha Song and have been performing concerts both in Korea and Japan. Kim Yuna has also become a solo artist in her own right and the other members have formed the band Choco Cream Rolls.

In 2007, Jaurim returned with their own digital single and a collaboration with Drunken Tiger on their single, Spray Love.
author: sianface (2008-08-09)