Sung Si Kyung


also known as:   Sung Shi Kyung  
major - active (2000 - )
The famous Korean ballad singer Sung Si Kyung is mostly known for his smooth and warm voice, which seems to affect every part of the population, from the youngest to the oldest. He garnered attention in 2000 when he won the Grand Prize of a cyber-music festival. At that time, he was a student majoring in literature. His first album, Cheo eum cheo reom (Like the First Time), was released the following year and was a great success. He has released five albums so far, whose tracks are sometimes featured in original soundtracks for dramas. He has also gained popularity in Japan.
author: Jade (2009-09-04)
line up
Sung Si Kyung was a university student majoring in literature when he won the Grand Prize of a cyber-music festival. This victory allowed him to be featured in a music compilation gathering all the festival's winners, and his song, Naegeh Oneun Gil (The Road To Me), was an enormous success. However, he made his official debut only in April 2001 with his first album, Cheo eum cheo reom (Like the First Time), which contains three of his first hits. His collaboration on Toy (Yoo Hee-yeol)'s album gained him even more popularity.

His second album, Melodie D'Amour, was released in July 2002 and sold 650,000 copies. In the same year, he also made his acting debut in dramas. He has starred in four dramas so far, the latest in 2006. A so-called 2.5 album entitled Try to Remember was released in May 2003, and was followed by his third album, Double life, in October. In 2004, he released a cover album, The blue night of Jeju Island.

In 2005, after a fourth album named Dashi ggum ggu go shipda (I Want to Dream Again), Sung Si Kyung hosted a night radio show called Pureunbam, geurigo Sung Si Kyung Imnida (A blue night with Sung Si Kyung) until May 2008.
His popularity continued to rise in 2006, as he released his fifth album, The Ballads. This year marked a new step in his career as he advanced to Japan with an album, Best of Sung Si Kyung and a live concert, Live House Tour in Japan 2006, in Tokyo and Osaka. It was a surprise when the two planned concerts were sold-out, since no promotional activity have been made there. In 2008, he released his first digital single, Hanbeon Deo Ibyeol (Farewell once again), and postponed his military service in order to concentrate on his foreign activities and his sixth album, Here in my Heart.

He is currently serving the nation since June 2008 and his fans are looking forward to his comeback planned in 2010.
author: Jade (2009-09-04)