Dong Bang Shin Ki


also known as:   TVXQ   Tohoshinki
major - active (2003 - )
Dong Bang Shin Ki is a five member boyband from South Korea. Produced by SM Entertainment and beginning as a dance and acappella group, Dong Bang Shin Ki's sound now blends together pop, R&B and dance with occasional heavier, rockier elements to create an easily marketable style, along with their trademark ballads and acappella versions of their songs. Popular in not only Korea and Japan, Dong Bang Shin Ki are also very well known throughout the rest of Asia, especially in China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Debuting in 2003 and recently celebrating their third anniversary, Dong Bang Shin Ki have so far released three Korean albums and two Japanese singles.
line up
  • Vocals: JaeJoong [2003 / 2010 - gone]
  • Vocals, Rap: Yoochun [2003 / 2010 - gone]
  • Vocals: Junsu [2003 / 2010 - gone]
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