major - active (2007 - )
TRITOPS originally started as a trio consisted of Ilgoon, Hyungmoon and Yoojon under JS Entertainment. They debuted in October 19th, 2007 with the album Boorish Love.

On October 2012, after coming back from a 3-year hiatus, the group received a new member, Woogoon, but were still a trio since Ilgoon had left previously. They released a single, I Am A Bad Guy, featuring Block B's P.O and rankend 77th on GAON's digital chart. The group also released a mini-album titled Sweet Holic, but they soon went on hiatus again.

After 2 years stopped, TRITOPS wellcomed Ilgoon again and as a quartet released two singles: Your Temperature and Missing You Missing You Missing You, in January and April 2015, respectively.
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