She’z – She’z Holic

review - 09.08.2012 09:50

First release from the rookie group

She’z is a rookie girl group that debuted in May this year. Since new groups have been popping out of nowhere on the Korean music scene this year, She’z was to stand out from others with very strong vocal abilities from its four member. It was said that every member of the quartet possesses vocal skills worthy of a vocal leader. But as we all know, marketing people and promoters like to use arguments with nothing to back them up with, so let’s see how wrong or right they were.

She’z released their debut single, She’z Holic, on May 18th, 2012. The single includes only one track, My Way, and its instrumental version. The song starts with a catchy rhythmic guitar play and a simple electronic beat that will have you move to it instantly. You don’t have to wait long for the vocals to kick in, but when they do, your face will definitely express amazement at Taeyeon’s vocal tone. It is her singing that stands out most in the song, but the other members’ voices are nothing to be frowned upon either. Their voices are clear, full of energy and filled with great potential, and you can hear it especially well in the fantastic chorus where their voices harmonize beautifully. The final vocal show-offs may send goose bumps down your body.

The track itself is probably one of the simplest songs I have heard in recent times: a simple beat, a handful of electronic sounds and the electric guitar that adds the energy. True, the simpler the music, the better the background for voices, and it is the voices of the four girls that do the trick in this song: they add the power, the joyfulness and the incredible energy that will give listeners a power surge. The song is also incredibly addictive – it will etch itself into your heads, tormenting the listeners with its cheerfulness, and after just a few listens I found myself singing to the Korean words.

Line Entertainment were right: She’z are four vocally very talented girls who, if guided properly, may become future K-pop divas. My Way may serve as a good teaser of what is to come, and the song has already made its way up to my top three of this year’s summer hits. See for yourselves.

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