4minute's Disbandment

news - 07.04.2016 21:03
source: JPop Asia
The popular girl group 4minute has announced their disbandment.

In addition to the disbandment news, Cube Entertainment also stated that Gayoon, Jihyun, Jiyoon and Sohyun are leaving the label as soon as their contracts expire. Cube Entertainment's staff stated they "respect the members' decisions". However it has been stated that HyunA, who in addition to 4minute has also done some solo work, will continue with the company.

According to reports, the leaving members already got plans for the future. Gayoon and Jihyun are going to concentrate on their acting careers while Jiyon has been said to continue both as a singer and producer. Sohyun, on the other hand, has found herself a steady job working with skyTV's My Pet Laboratory show.
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