Retro-inspired group The Barberettes to Tour Europe

news - 05.15.2017 04:10
The Barberettes, a group described as retro-inspired, is about to embark on their first European tour. Before this tour their European shows have consisted of sporadic festival performances. The group has also visited North America and Australia.

The Barberettes released their first album in 2014. Their musical influences include styles that became popular before 1960s, such as doo-wop and barbershop music. Their unusual style has garnered interest from other musicians as well. For example, the trio has collaborated with former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and Jamiroquai's former bassist Stuart Zender.

The tour begins in London on May 19 and continues on through Rome, Paris and Liverpool. The last performance will be on June 3 at Porrentruy, Switzerland. More information can be found on The Barberettes's Facebook page.

The group's latest music video Spring, Bear can be watched below.

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