NCT127 Announces Official Fanclub Name, Prepares for Comeback

news - 06.13.2017 06:21
NCT127, one of the groups belonging to SM Entertainment's Hallyu localization project "Neo Culture Technology", is making a comeback on June 14th with their third minialbum Cherry Bomb. The first single, which carries the name of the album, is produced by American songwriter and producer Dem Jointz who has worked with artists like EXO and Christina Aguilera in the past.

During the last week SM Entertainment has been spoiling NCT fans with teaser images of NCT127 members, all displaying various concepts.

NCT members also got together for a Naver V-live livestream to reveal the official NCT fanclub name. The name "NCTzen", an acronym based on the words NCT and citizen, fits the concept of all NCT units being based off of cities of the world. For example, the numbers NCT127 stand for Seoul's longitude coordinate.

In addition to the official fanclub name, the members also decided on a nickname for the fans. In the end, the winner of the vote was 'Seasony', which according to Doyoung stands for the fans being precious to NCT every season of the year.

Teaser videos for Cherry Bomb can be watched below:

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